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What Size Do I Get For My Growing Puppy?

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 11th May 2022

You want to get a coat for your growing puppy, but you don't want to buy multiple coats this winter. We hear you! Getting a puppy in early fall can be difficult, especially as your puppy is growing rapidly in all directions! First, it's worth noting that you may not find a perfect fitting coat …

Which Coat Is Best For My Dog ​Based On My Climate ?

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 10th May 2022

This question really comes down to personal preference for each dog, their fur type, and how much they hate the cold. Check out our Coat Comparison Chart HERE to see a quick overview of our products.Here are a few guidelines to help you make your decision:The more active your dog is the warme …

​How Do I Find The Best Size For My Dog?

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 10th May 2022

With many of our customers reporting their coats lasting over a decade, we want to make sure your dog has the right fit to keep him or her comfortable and warm for a lifetime of adventures. First, check out the measuring instructions HERE. You’ll want a soft-sided measuring tape or a string …