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4 Reasons You'll Love The Soaker Robe Year-Round!

4 Reasons You'll Love The Soaker Robe Year-Round!

20th Jul 2022

Use #1 - Cooling Coat for Hot Days

For full-body coverage to rapidly cool down your dog look no further! Simply soak the robe in cold water, wring out the excess water, and your soaker robe will offer instant relief.

To use in first-aid situations or for very hot dogs, take the robe off once it becomes warm and re-soak in cold water as many times as is needed until the dog cools down. For more information on dealing with heat-related emergencies click HERE.

Use #2 - Drying Robe for Bath Days

The Soaker Robe is made out of highly absorbent mictoterry that will dry your wet dog in no time! Perfect for the beach, baths, or pool. Hang it up in the sun and it dries quickly just in time for your next round of summer fun!

Use#3 - Keep your dog warm on cold/wet days

Keep your dog's muscles warm & dry them quickly after cold-water swimming and during events such as dock diving or rainy days at agility.

Use #4 - Cleaning Robe on Muddy Days

The unique microterry material grabs mud and dirt making it ideal to throw on your muddy dog after spring walks in the park!

The Soaker Robe is a breeze to wash too - simply throw it in the washing machine with a gentle detergent then hang it to dry. MUCH quicker than bathing the whole dog!