Frequently Asked Questions

When sizing, the most important factor is the chest measurements. These measurements ensure that your dog can move properly while wearing the coat. Once the chest girth is determined, you can review the back length according to our Fitting Room guidelines. If there isn’t a precise match, we do recommend that you choose the shorter length rather than the longer one to ensure a snug fit. The next step is to measure the neck. This will help ensure that the fit is not too tight in that area. Our Chilly Sweaters and Great White North coats have more stretch through the neck in comparison to our Rain Slickers and Blazers. This is due to the polar fleece which will be able to accommodate a larger neck size. Another important factor to consider is the weight of the dog. However, it should be used as a guideline, not a defining factor since dogs come in all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions or if you are uncertain about which size to choose, please contact us at We will be happy to go over the measurements with you to ensure your dog gets the best fit. We are also available by phone at 1-844-364-2628 M-F, 9am-5pm ET.
This decision comes down to personal preference. It is ideal for the coat to come just over the haunches to tightly cup the hindquarters. However, it should not be so long that it hangs off the back of your dog and loosely flaps around, and it should not be so short that the back is not sufficiently covered. Overall, the coat should remain in place while the dog is walking. Any excess material could cause the coat to shift too much as the dog moves. Terrier types, or dogs that hold their tails up in the air, would be more suited to a shorter coat. It is important to note that you should not add any additional inches to your dog’s back when you measure it.
The Long & Lean line of coats is designed for dogs with longer bodies, smaller necks, and small, narrow chests. Breeds such as Greyhounds, Whippets, and Dachshunds are examples of dogs that often fit into these sizes as well as many sight hounds, sport mixes, and any other dogs with a similar build. The majority of dogs tend to fit into our Standard sizes as they accommodate more muscular dogs with broader chests.
Every dog is unique, and you will know best what works for your particular dog. Hair length and type, body composition, breed and age are all important determinants of how your dog keeps warm. However, the general temperature ratings we have on each of our wind and water proof coats is as follows: Great White North: -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F Trail Blazer: -10°C to 10°C / 15°F to 50°F Rain Slicker: 5°C to 25°C / 40°F - 70°F
No, the Chilly Sweaters and Soaker Robes are sized differently. We have 28 assorted sizes for coats, but only a third as many for our Sweaters and Robes. The result is that these options tend to be more flexible. The Sweaters are quite generous as the fleece does have some stretch to it. The Robes are not because the micro-fiber is not overly pliable. If your dog is in between sizes for the Sweater we would recommend sizing down. If they are in between for the Robes we would recommend sizing up.
Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Wash with like-colour load or on their own. Fasten the buckle/velcro before placing the product in the washing machine. Important: DO NOT use hot water, strong detergents, bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener will prevent the fleece from retaining heat within the fleece fibers. To dry Coats, fasten the buckle and/or velcro before placing it in dryer. Set dryer on the cool setting for 10 minutes then hang or lay flat to dry. For Sweaters and Soakers, please lay them out after the dryer cycle. Set the dryer on the cool setting for 10 minutes then lay flat to dry (DO NOT HANG). Do not use any heat as it will damage the coat.
Our coats do not have a hole for a leash or harness. This is because we find it difficult to add a hole for the harness, which comes in various styles, without compromising the warmth and waterproof exterior of the coat. We suggest putting a harness on top of the coat and pulling a leash through the neck opening and attaching it to the collar. Because our coats are not bulky and offer the perfect fit, many of our customers have found that their harnesses fit well on top of the coat itself. Our customers have reported success with using different types of harnesses over top or even underneath the coat. Some examples that have been successful are guide dog harnesses, pulling/sled harnesses, front clip harnesses, as well as most varieties of step-in harnesses.
It is important that you do not add onto your measurements as a way to accommodate or anticipate growth. We are happy to provide you with a recommendation for a growing puppy when we receive their exact measurements, such as their current weight, age, and breed. If we have an idea of the size of your puppy at its current stage of development, then we will have a better chance at estimating what size they will be when they are fully grown. Please remember that many dogs are unique and grow at different rates. The longer you are able to wait until they are fully grown, or almost fully grown the better, then there is a better chance that you will not have to buy a second coat. We recommend our Chilly Sweaters as a lower cost option for growing puppies. They feature the same fleece that we use in our Great White North coats which makes them more flexible when it comes to sizing. The chest panel can be flipped through the neck as a way to shorten the Sweater if needed. This allows for some adjustability as your puppy grows.
The polar fleece that we use with the Great White North coats is non-absorbent and non-moisture wicking. Because of this, it can certainly handle being caught in the rain. However, if the temperature is warm enough that it rains, our Trail Blazer would be a better option. Our Great White North coat is designed for those very cold temperatures while our Trail Blazer is designed for those rainier days.
Yes, we ship Chilly Dogs coats worldwide! Shipping rates are per order, not per item for all locations. Within Canada: $10.00 flat rate shipping via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. UPS Standard is currently being used whenever possible for Canada Post. $15 flat rate for shipping via FedEx Express. Shipping within Canada generally takes approximately 2-7 business days depending on the location. Please note that COVID and seasonal impacts, shipping companies do not guarantee delivery timelines. United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska): $12 Flat rate (Canadian dollars) via USPS Tracked Package (currently we are shipping UPS whenever possible for this rate) USPS takes approximately 5-15 business days. $20 for FedEx for 1-3 day shipping is highly recommended for prompt delivery. European customers have the option to ship with Canada Post Small Packet Air for $25.00, or with FedEx for $40.00. The Canada Post shipping option will be transferred to your national postal service for delivery and takes approximately 14 business days. FedEx shipping includes a tracking number and requires approximately 3-5 business days. FedEx will require a signature to deliver your parcel and can not deliver to PO boxes. Customers from all other countries have the option to ship with Canada Post Small Packet Air for $40.00, or with FedEx for $80.00. The Canada Post shipping option will be transferred to your national postal service for delivery and takes approximately 14 business days. FedEx shipping includes a tracking number and requires approximately 5-7 business days. FedEx will require a signature to deliver your parcel and can not deliver to PO boxes. **PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 delays our shipment carriers are unable to guarantee shipping times.
Absolutely! Please contact us directly to let us know which pieces you need such as a buckle or piece of webbing (strap). The charge including shipping is $6.00 (plus tax if you are located within Canada).
Exchanges or returns must be made directly with the point of purchase. Brick and mortar retailers which carry our coats are not affiliated with the online store. Please contact the original point of purchase. We are always glad to answer any questions you may have about Chilly Dogs Inc products.
All of our coats are premade and ready to ship. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer custom colours, tailoring, or alteration services. However, if you need a small adjustment made, then we would be happy to include some extra materials with your order should we have them available. That way you could have them added by a local tailor. If you have a larger custom order or requirement, then please contact us at and we will let you know if we are able to fulfill your request.
We truly appreciate the canines and their handlers that promote our Canadian made products and we greatly value that support. Currently we are looking into possibly implementing a discount program for clubs, rescues, and other pet professionals, but it is still in the early stages. Please contact us for more information.
Thank you for thinking of Chilly Dogs! We are enthusiastic supporters of rescue and often donate products for auctions, fundraisers, and other events. As you can imagine, we get many requests every week for donations to worthy causes and exciting events. To assist us in helping as many groups as possible we ask those wishing to apply for a gift to fill out a request form in order to give us some information about your event. Please contact us directly to receive a copy of the form.
Unfortunately, we do not have a store-front at our location. We design and manufacture our coats and ship from our location in Ottawa, Canada. We have many retailers that carry our coats if you prefer to shop for our coats in person. A full list is available on our website. We are very happy to serve you by phone or email. You can also purchase via our website.