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What Size Do I Get For My Growing Puppy?

What Size Do I Get For My Growing Puppy?

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 11th May 2022

You want to get a coat for your growing puppy, but you don't want to buy multiple coats this winter. We hear you! 

Getting a puppy in early fall can be difficult, especially as your puppy is growing rapidly in all directions! First, it's worth noting that you may not find a perfect fitting coat for your puppy as most breeds are not properly 'dog shaped' until they are finished growing. Most coats that fit perfectly at 8-10 weeks old are quickly outgrown.

Select a size that fits the chest girth, NOT the back length! Although we want our adult dogs coat to fit properly, to get the most out of your winter coat we suggest choosing a size that fits the dogs chest girth on the smaller setting. Coats that are too large in the chest will often cause rubbing, allow cold and moisture to get inside, and get caught on branches which can damage the coat. Most dogs get longer before their chests fill out so selecting a size that fits the chest on the smaller side will allow the coat to fit your dog for the maximum amount of time.

A coat that fits properly in the chest will keep your puppy warmer than one that covers the whole back. Keeping your dogs core warm and dry will go a long way to keeping your puppy warm this winter. Although we want their adult coat to fit their back length, it is not as important as having a coat that fits the chest and neck snugly. Ideally we can find a size that fits both, but if you are in between two sizes we suggest picking the one that fits the chest better.

Consider a Chilly Sweater instead of a winter coat. Along with being less expensive for a temporary coat, the fleece Chilly Sweater is much more adjustable than the waterproof coats. Chilly Sweaters are made of the same cozy polar fleece as our Great White North coat without the waterproof shell. As a bonus, they are perfect for curling up and sleeping in! The chest panel can be looped through the neck to make the chest girth a few inches smaller, allowing it to fit your growing puppy longer.

If you're not sure, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff! We have years of firsthand experience fitting puppies of all breeds and sizes into winter coats. Reach out on our live chat on the website. We look forward to hearing from you!