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Which Coat Is Best For My Dog ​Based On My Climate ?

Which Coat Is Best For My Dog ​Based On My Climate ?

31st Aug 2023

This question really comes down to personal preference for each dog, their fur type, and how much they hate the cold. Check out our Coat Comparison Chart HERE to see a quick overview of our products.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make your decision:

  • The more active your dog is the warmer they will stay. Our coats are lightweight but the Alpine Blazer and the Great White North are designed to keep the dogs body heat inside in various degrees.
  • Smaller breeds, short-haired breeds, and elderly dogs will get cold faster than larger, thicker coated, young, and active dogs.
  • If it rains more than it snows in your climate your dog may be better off in an Alpine Blazer or a Harbour Slicker if you are needing protection from the rain. The Great White North has a neck made of cozy non-absorbent fleece that is great for snow, but will not hold up to heavy rain

Great White North

This coat is the warmest coat we make and is perfect for climates that go below freezing temperatures for the majority of the winter. Most short-haired dogs, elderly dogs, or small breed dogs will wear this in temperatures between 5C—20C (23F—4F). If the temperature gets colder than that you may want to consider a Head Muff, Muttluks Boots, and a Chilly Sweater to pair with the coat for maximum warmth.

Long haired or thick-coated breeds that do not get cold easily will often wear this coat when the temperature reaches -15C (5F) or below.

Alpine Blazer

The Alpine Blazer is a perfect 3-season coat! It is designed as an insulated rain coat and is a bit lighter than the Great White North coat. This coat is ideal for dogs that just need a bit of warmth and protection from the wind and rain.

Most long-haired or thick coated breeds will use this all winter in colder climates. Short-haired, small breeds, and elderly dogs will use this on warmer winter days in cold climates, on cold days in warmer climates, in the spring and fall, and during cold, wet days.

Harbour Slicker

The Harbour Slicker is a non-insulated, year-round, rain coat. Ideal for dogs that have a lot of fur and don’t need protection from the cold or any breed/age of dog that you are looking to keep clean and dry from rain and mud. This coat is breathable and will not retain heat however it will offer protection from the wind.

Chilly Sweater

The Chilly Sweater is made of the same cozy polar fleece that our Great White North is made out of. It is ideal for dogs that get cold indoors or for on-leash walks on cooler days. The Chilly Sweater can be worn indoors during the day or night and is comfortable for the dog to sleep in. Because it does not have the same nylon shell that our waterproof coats do, we do not recommend using this coat on its own for off-leash play as it may get caught on branches or fences; however, it can be used underneath any of our other coats for added warmth.

Head Muff

The Head Muff is made out of the same cozy polar fleece that our Great White North and Chilly Sweater are made out of. It is ideal for dogs with thin or cropped ears that are susceptible to frostbite or those needing added warmth. Can also be used as a neck warmer for thin-haired breeds on colder days.

Soaker Robe

Can be used as a cooling or drying coat for all breeds.