Nahak Single Traction Belt


  • Removable pouch for Single or Double Traction Belt.
  • Nahak Removable Water Bottle Holder for Single or Double Traction Belts
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Nahak Single Traction Belt

If you are new to the world of harness dog sports or you’re simply looking for a quality and reliable belt, our single traction model is for you ! Extremely light and comfortable, this belt can be used for cani-walking, cani-hiking, canicross or the skijoring.

Features :

  • Designed to offer a great freedom of movement;
  • Sangles ajustables au niveau des cuisses et de la taille permettant un ajustement optimal à votre corps afin d'augmenter sa stabilité et son confort
  • Fully customizable thanks to the optional accessories (removable pouch and removable bottle holder)


  • Waterproof and very resistant nylon outer fabric;
  • Meshed and padded interior fabric for maximum ventilation and comfort;
  • High quality nylon webbing (1000 lbs to 4000 lbs breaking strenght);
  • Highly resistant metal and plastic hardwares;

Sizes : 

  • Small : 28" to 34" hips circumference;
  • Medium : 34" to 42" hips circumference;
  • Large : 42" to 48" hips circumference (available in black only);

** Don't use with more than 2 dogs **