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Nahak Sizing

How To Measure for your Nahak Pulling Harness


We higly recommend using a flexible measuring tape as shown on the picture. While measuring your dog, make sure he stands up with a straight back. If your dog has thick fur push the measuring tape down to avoid overestimated measurements.

Step 1 - Point A

POINT A is at the junction of the dog’s neck and shoulder blades. At this place, there is a hole where the finger fits easily - this is exactly where POINT A is.

Step 2 - A-B Measurement

POINT B is on the sternum bone (pointed bone under the dog’s throat).


The AB MEASUREMENT is for the neck. It starts from POINT A (previously identified) to POINT B.

The AB MEASUREMENT is not the neck circumference but only a half-circle from POINT A to POINT B.

There must be some tension in the measuring tape when you take the measurement.

Step 3 -  Measure C-C

POINT C is at the lowest point of the dog’s rib cage and just behind the front legs.


CC MEASUREMENT is for the torso. It does a full circumference of the dog rib cage passing through POINT C.

Step 4 - A-D Measurement

POINT D is exactly where the dog’s tail starts. We suggest lifting the tail to see this part clearly.


The AD MEASUREMENT is for the body length. It starts from POINT A (previously identified) to POINT D.

When taking this measurement, the dog must have the back as straight as possible so as not to distort the measurements. The measuring tape should be tight and slightly raised above the back (should not follow the curvature of the back).