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Coat Comparison Chart

What Coat Do I Need?

Great White North aka Your Winter Parka

The Great White North is our warmest coat! This coat is perfect for all breeds in harsh, cold climates as well as  short haired, small breed, and senior dogs that get cold easily. 


Our flagship coat, the Great White North, provides the highest level of  protection against extreme winter weather. It is durable, waterproof,  breathable and shields dogs from the elements while still allowing them to move freely. Be confident during those favourite outdoor winter activities  knowing that your dog will be comfortable and protected.  This coat features a luxuriously soft Canadian polar fleece lining to keep  the dog warm for many winters to come. Our streamlined design provides ample chest and rump coverage to maintain a comfortable core body  temperature. Reflective 3M Scotchlite™ piping increases safety and visibility  on late-night walks. 


The Great White North can be paired with one of our Head Muffs for  maximum warmth and protection against those bitterly cold days.  Not ideal for super rainy weather.

Alpine Blazer aka Your Fall Fleece-Lined Raincoat

The Alpine Blazer is a versatile and sporty three-season coat  that provides a waterproof and windproof shell designed to  handle a variety of climates. Lightweight and breathable  microfleece lining provides warmth during cold, rainy days. The Alpine is ideal for spring, fall, and milder winter climates.  Designed for all dog types. It is an excellent option for  thick-coated breeds in colder weather.  


This coat features a high-coverage belly panel with a buckle  closure system to protect against mud and slush. Reflective  3M Scotchlite™ piping increases safety and visibility on  late-night walks. 


The Alpine Blazer can be paired with our Chilly Sweater or  Head Muff for additional warmth and versatility. 

Harbour Slicker aka Your All Season Raincoat

The Harbour is designed for all dog types during wet and cool  conditions and offers ideal protection for thick-coated breeds  in cold weather.


The Harbour Slicker is a protective shell jacket that has been  designed to keep dogs clean and dry. It is more than just a rain  coat -it is perfect to wear in all seasons! The Harbour has a  waterproof and windproof exterior while the interior lining is  non-insulated and breathable. The high coverage, adjustable  Y-shaped chest panel keeps mud & slush off the dog’s belly.  It is an ideal lightweight solution for thick-coated breeds during  cold, wet months while also helping to reduce wet dog smell.  This coat has reflective 3M Scotchlite™ piping to increase safety  and visibility on late-night walks.  The Harbour Slicker can be paired with our Chilly Sweater for  additional warmth and versatility.

Fleece Chilly Sweater aka Your Cozy Loungewear

Snuggle up with our cozy Chilly Sweater!  This versatile Sweater  is great for indoor and outdoor use. It is soft and gentle enough  to sleep in and a great option for leashed walks on cool days. 


The Chilly Sweater is  made from a thick layer of our super soft Canadian polar fleece  to keep dogs warm and comfortable. It is made from the same non-absorbent, quick-drying  Canadian polar fleece that we use for our Great White North coats. The Chilly Sweater pairs perfectly with our Harbour Slicker and  Alpine Blazer for additional warmth and versatility.

Head Muff aka Your Touque

The Head Muff is a must-have for any dog that requires a little extra warmth  and protection during harsh winter weather. This versatile ear and neck warmer is used to protect sensitive ears  from the bitter cold. Our Head Muff is made with warm and cozy  Canadian polar fleece.


Wear it on its own or pair it with any Chilly Dogs  coat for maximum protection. 

Soaker Robe aka Cooling Coat/Drying Robe

The Soaker Robe is the perfect year-round product to help keep dogs  cool and dry! It is a lightweight multi-function cooling and drying coat delivering great value. Popular in the sporting world, the Soaker Robe  provides high-utility for all dog owners. It has an adjustable, forgiving  fit plus the absorbent microterry fabric is durable enough to withstand  many washings.


Use it wet as a cooling Soaker-You can use the Soaker as a cooling coat  to help regulate and reduce dogs’ body temperature during hot, summer  weather. It provides an evaporating cooling effect over the dogs vital organs. 


OR Use it dry as a cozy Robe-Double the utility! Use it as a dry and cozy Robe  to wick water from dogs’ fur to dramatically speed up drying time. During  the colder, winter season, the Soaker Robe is the perfect solution to speed  up drying time after rolling around in the snow or slush or after a pool  therapy session.  


The Soaker Robe can be paired with our Bath & Paw Towels for a quick,  convenient on-the-go solution for wet and muddy dogs.