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Product Review: West Paw XL Toppl

Product Review: West Paw XL Toppl

11th Oct 2022

Product Review: West Paw XL Toppl

When we heard that West Paw was coming out with an even larger size of their best selling Toppl toy we knew we had to get some in! If you’ve never heard of a Toppl before, it is essentially a rubber cup designed to hold wet or raw dog food (Or whatever you like, really!) and then stuck in the freezer to slow the dog down while it eats. What sets it apart from other brands is not only it’s incredible durability but also how easy it is to fill and clean. The opening allows almost all dogs to easily access the food however the prongs on the bottom keep the food securely in place so the dog has to work for it.

Until now it has been hard to feed smoosh-faced breeds like Pugs or French Bulldogs as well as larger dogs that eat more food. Two of our team members tried it out with great results!

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Freja the Doberman

Freja is a growing, high energy girl and eats a LOT of food! Since she is on raw food it is hard to slow her down and slow-feed bowls can be hard to clean with messy raw food & supplements mixed in. The XL Toppl holds all her food and supplements and we just stick it in the freezer. It makes traveling with raw food easy and convenient because we can pre-measure it in the Toppls and just feed it to her right out of the freezer when we don’t have time or space to prep her food!

Poppy the French Bulldog (Photo)

Poppy LOVES her Toppl! Because the opening is wider, she can stick her face in and can access every bite of her raw food, nothing gets left behind! It’s also handy for sticking cookies inside, she loves pawing at it until it loosens and falls out.


The Toppl is perfect for just about every dog! From dogs that eat carefully measured raw food to dogs that just need something to do on a cold, rainy day. You can fill it with anything you like! We've included some easy ideas below to get you started.

Choose a Filling:

- Pumpkin Puree

-Raw Dog Food

-Wet Dog Food

-Plain Yoghurt

-Veggie Puree

-Apple Sauce

Choose a Mixer:




-Rolled Oats

-Freeze Dried Raw Food

-Cooked Meat

-Crazy Dog Beef Liver Sprinkle

-Peanut Butter


Choose a Topping

-Crazy Dog Duck Foot

-Crazy Dog Honey Beefers

-Sweet Potato

-Chicken Strips

- Carrots