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​How Do I Find The Best Size For My Dog?

​How Do I Find The Best Size For My Dog?

16th Nov 2023

With many of our customers reporting their coats lasting over a decade, we want to make sure your dog has the right fit to keep him or her comfortable and warm for a lifetime of adventures. First, check out the measuring instructions HERE. You’ll want a soft-sided measuring tape or a string to get accurate measurements. Having a helper will make the process go much smoother!

Once you’ve got your measurements, head on over to our Suggested Breed Sizes page HERE. This list is a guideline only! Even within the same breed there can be various shapes, sizes, and weights of dogs but this should give you an idea of what sizes generally fit your breed or mix. For example, if you have a 20 lb Beagle and your measurements are putting him in a Standard 20 size it may be worth re-measuring your dog just in case!

Once you have a list of breeds and sizes, head on over to the Sizing Guideline HERE to see what size fits your dog best! As a general rule, dogs with a lot of fur will often go up a size regardless of the weight range (ie Australian Shepherds, Rough Collies, Shetland Sheepdog).

If you are unsure or would like us to help size your dog for the perfect fit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our Live Chat on the website or by email at