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Chilly Dogs Reviews -  GoughNut Dog Toys

Chilly Dogs Reviews - GoughNut Dog Toys

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 1st Jun 2022

Chilly Dogs Reviews - GoughNut Dog Toys

  When we were told that GoughNuts toys were virtually indestructible, we knew we had to put them to the test! These heavy duty, durable toys are engineered and Made in the USA from 100% natural rubber and engineered carbon reinforcement. We love supporting North American products, but will these ones live up to their name? Time to send in the dogs!

Our Tester Dogs:

Name: Mayday

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / Belgian Malinois Mix

Weight: 56lbs

With strong jaws and drive and tenacity to match, toys don’t stand a chance with Mayday! Toys labeled as indestructible often get shredded in seconds and only 1 or 2 toys have lasted her longer than 6 months. You’ll have to believe us when we say we’ve tried just about everything. Will the GoughNuts Dog Toys last longer than a few days?

Name: Kion

Breed: Border Collie x Staffy/Jack Russell mix

Weight: 30lbs

Lover of cuddles but killer of toys! Kion may be small but he destroys anything he can fit in his mouth. The added challenge of small dogs is if toys are too large he has no interest in them. Will we be able to find a toy he can’t shred but also enjoys playing with?


Test Toys:

The GoughNuts Stick has a durability score of 76/100 as per their website. It is recommended as a play toy and not a chew toy but we wanted to see where it lands with our power chewer duo!

GoughNuts Ring – Large MaXX PRO for Dogs 60-100lbs

Since Mayday destroys everything and anything we wanted a true test of this products durability. The GoughNuts Ring has a durability score of 96/100 so we have high hopes for it but so far nothing has stood up against this extreme power chewer.


Kion and the GoughNuts Stick Original Medium:

What can we say, we are beyond impressed! In 6 months there is hardly a dent in this toy and he continues to play with it daily. It fits in his mouth easily so he can carry it around the house and as an added bonus it has quickly become a favourite fetch toy. Rubber is a MUCH safer alternative to wooden sticks that Kion likes to pick up and chew in the woods. Not only does this toy last a long time, it also provides hours of safe entertainment. Because Kion is a smaller dog, we will also be getting him the GoughNuts Ball and the GoughNuts Ring as we are sure he will love having a variety of toys to play with. His dad can also rest easy knowing they are going to be strong enough for Kion to play with on his own.

Kion & his Gough Nuts Stick


Mayday and the GoughNuts Stick Original and the GoughNuts Ring Large MaXX PRO:

Our test with Mayday went better than expected! Our GoughNuts Stick sadly only lasted 2 months but considering she chews through nylon bones in the same amount of time and most other toys only last 10-60 minutes at most we’re going to count this as a win! In hindsight we should have went with the larger size of the stick but this gives us an idea of the durability of the product.

The Gough Nuts Ring Large MaXX PRO is still going with no end in sight! At 6 months of having it there are a few teeth marks and very small, safe, chunks missing but it is very much still intact with almost constant chewing daily. We will definitely be trying out the largest size GoughNuts Stick MaXX as a replacement to see if it lasts longer, we hope to offer her some variety in toys since she has so very few to choose from. We are very impressed with this company and the durability of the products.

In Conclusion: The GoughNuts Toys definitely live up to their name! We suggest sizing up in weight for extreme power chewers that won’t have trouble picking them up. For smaller dogs you should be ok choosing the toy in their size range. For dogs like Mayday that rarely have toys last, we suggest going with the ring in a size up. Always supervise your dog when they get new toys to see how quickly they are going through them. We choose to leave our dogs alone with these toys however we observed them for a month to see how they interacted with it and how well it performed before doing so.

Don’t forget! If your dog does chew through it the company will replace your toy at no cost!