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  • Nahak pulling harness in Aqua Man going for a run with his dog in a  Nahak Pulling Harness 3 dogs wearing Nahak Pulling Harnesses Woman jogging with her dog in a  Nahak Pulling Harness Dog walkers going for a stroll in their  Nahak Pulling Harnesses

    Nahak Dog Pulling Harness

    Nahak Pulling Harness Tested for years by professionals in the world of harness dog sports, Nahak's dog pulling harness has quickly become known for its quality. This model of dog harness has been developed specifically for pulling. Offering exceptional...

  • Perfect Fit Harness in Red Perfect Fit Harness sizing chart. Chart showing why a harness is better for your dog than a collar. Diagram showing how to assemble the Perfect Fit Harness. Image showing how the Perfect Fit Harness attaches to the front and back clips.

    Perfect Fit Harness

    PERFECT FIT HARNESS The 3-piece Perfect Fit Harness, made by Dog-Games Ltd (UK), fits any shape and size of dog, cats, pigs, and even tripod dogs too! It is very easy to take on and off, no need to fuss with the dog’s feet or head.  The unique...

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2 of 2 Items