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Kit Includes 1x of each Soaker Bath Towel™ (37”x 27”) & Soaker Paw Towel™ (14″ x 19″)

The Soaker Paw Towel is perfect for your dogs muddy, wet feet or even for their muddy/wet bodies when they come in from outdoors.  This super absorbent micro terry fabric absorbs water and wipes away the unwanted dirt at the same time. Keep one hanging at every dog door in your home! The Paw Towel is equipped with a corner flap for easy hanging and storage.

The Soaker Bath Towel is a larger version of our Paw Towel. The thirsty microfiber quickly wicks moisture from the fur to speed up drying time after grooming, hydrotherapy sessions, dock diving, or swims at the cottage. Our Soaker Paw Towel and Soaker Bath Towel are made from the same super absorbent microfiber terry that we use to make the Soaker Robes™. Partner the Soaker Towels with our Soaker Robe and you have two great tools to either cool your dog down or dry them off.

*Free shipping on orders over $150 in mainland Canada & US (Excluding Alaska). Price before taxes if applicable.


  • Canada: Skillfully designed and manufactured in Canada.
  • Micro Terry: Comfortable and absorbent micro fiber terry cloth.

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