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​Can My Chilly Dogs Coat Be Worn With a Harness?

​Can My Chilly Dogs Coat Be Worn With a Harness?

Posted by Nikon Goodboy on 13th May 2022

Can My Chilly Dogs Coat Be Worn With a Harness?

Absolutely! In fact, our customers have reported that our coats work incredibly well with almost every style of harness.

It is important to note that our coats do not have a hole for the harness to go through. Because of the wide variety of harnesses on the market today, it would be impossible to create a coat that would accommodate every style of harness with a hole while still functioning well as a Chilly Dogs coat. Chilly Dogs suggests putting the harness on over top of the coat. Because our coats are not bulky and fit close to the dogs body, most harnesses need very little adjustment to fit over top of their coat.

Typically, harness holes allow moisture to get in and heat to escape. With the way our coats are designed, they would not be nearly as waterproof or insulating and the risk of the dog catching the hole on branches and sticks would be much higher. If you are still wishing to have a harness hole in your coat, we suggest bringing your dog, harness, and coat to a local seamstress to have a ‘button hole’ added to the spot where your harness attachment sits. We recommend making it as small as possible to reduce the amount of moisture that may get in.

What about Front Clip harnesses? We find that these harnesses work well both over or under the coat. See below for visual instructions on how to use it underneath.

A few of our customers below using different styles of harnesses with our Chilly Dogs coats!