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Waterproof nylon exterior makes these blankets superior and great for sporting events, picnics, wet dogs, emergency towels, beach towels, car seat covers, dog blankets and more!

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  • Chilly Dogs Soaker Mat catching water from the bowl. Waterproof Dog Mat Chilly Dogs Soaker Mat helping dry a dog after a bath. Chilly Dogs Soaker Mat keeping the couch clean and dry from a wet dog. Dog eating a raw treat on a Chilly Dogs Soaker Mat in pink

    Chilly Dogs Soaker Mat

    CHILLY DOGS SOAKER MATS We’ve taken our popular Soaker Blanket and have shrunken it down to make our new conveniently sized Soaker Mat! Waterproof nylon on one side and absorbent microterry on the other. This mat is perfect to use on top of dog...

    $27.95 - $34.95
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